Chef Mauro Colagreco’s Lunar Menu At Mirazur

Argentinian chef Mauro Colagreco's restaurant Mirazur in the French Riviera was ranked number one in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list in 2019. Primarily utilising produce from the restaurant's extensive gardens, the transportive dining experience is deeply in tune with the cycles of nature and celebrates its bounty.

The philosophy of Mirazur is very much related to the earth. How is this reflected in the Lunar Menu?

Our location has always inspired my cooking philosophy. In Menton, the restaurant is surrounded by our gardens and set in a landscape between the mountains and sea. Lockdown provided us with a time to reflect and make a deeper connection with the work we do in our gardens and strengthen relationships within our local community. During confinement, we were in awe of how nature continued to flourish, following its own rhythm, despite Covid-19 forcing us to stop all we had been doing. With this in mind, we could not just reopen Mirazur in the same way. We needed to show our guests what we had observed during this time, the brilliance of nature, a more holistic view of our permaculture; and of course, the biodynamics that had played out during this period. We decided to assimilate those biodynamic principles we were already following with the lunar calendar, to state not just what we were eating, but when.

The result is an entirely new experience for guests, deeply connecting nature to the kitchen and ultimately the plate. Guests experience one of four variations depending on their arrival day: Roots Universe Menu, Leaves Universe Menu, Flowers Universe Menu, or Fruits Universe Menu. For example, on leaf days when the energy and flavour are most concentrated in the leaf of the plant, we serve a tasting menu inspired around leaves and salad greens, similarly for fruit days, flower days and root days. Now we are making nature the total driving force behind everything we do at Mirazur. It's ambitious; it requires switching up the restaurant—from the food to décor to staff uniforms every two to four days.

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